with finger, keyboard & mouse

Some Basics First

Click this button to Like the photo.
Click this button to Dislike the photo.
Click this button to show Info for given photo. Stuff like "what's her name ?"
Click this button to show to Favor the photo. This will add it to your personal collection of favorites, which you can spank to later.
Tap or Click on photo to Zoom it fullscreen.

Using Finger

Swipe the image to the left to Dislike, and opposite direction to Like .

Using Mouse

Using mouse sucks, but if you must, click on the buttons or use it to emulate your finger-swipes.

Using Keyboard

LEFT ARROW : Dislike
UP ARROW : Favor or Get out of Info-box
ENTER : Zoom photo
DEL KEY : To remove a Favorite from your colleciton
ESC : Exit out of most things .

Happy Swiping !
    -- The Swiper Team